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Beluxé is a market leader in offering Real Estate Marketing services in Pakistan with experience in asset valuation and real estate branding. We have collected data insight for an extensive range of properties in Pakistan. This enables us to provide the most accurate market values of assets and forecasts future trends in values, analysis of trends in the performance of real estate investments in comparison with other asset classes. We have significant experience and knowledge of relevant markets. Our team of passionate industry experts performs extensive research and analysis to provide impeccable services to our clients and ensure the one thing that everyone seeks at the end of the day, satisfaction and a luxurious experience. 


Beluxé Real Estate was started as a seedling of an idea: Could being digital change the way the world experiences property?

At the crux of our business is that we work relentlessly to provide hassle-free tailored real estate advice and consultancy for investors and families alike who are looking to find the perfect home.

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Beluxé gladly present the game-changing arrangements that will advance your lifestyle. Remember that a managed investment is the most secure investment and we at Beluxé guarantees you a protected investment with a rich encounter.

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If you're one of the few who dreams and is hungry for more, then this package is for you. We are looking for those that want to be the top 1% in Real Estate Business. Beluxé offers multiple strategic branding products that help you stay top-of-mind.