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Horizontal Project

Horizontal projects are made up of single-use buildings within a given complex. In a horizontal development, some buildings will be used for residential spaces, while other buildings are for commercial use. Beluxé Offers series of hottest listings in Horizontal Projects.


Vertical Projects

In vertical developments, the lower floors are designated for commercial spaces, while the higher floors are reserved for private or residential spaces. Both horizontal and vertical developments offer a variety of benefits for tenants and investors alike. Invest with Beluxé for a Better Future.


Investment Opportunity

Beluxé gladly present the game-changing arrangements that will advance your lifestyle. Beluxé Property Management ensures that when it comes to your property investment, you are relieved of all the stress and you can rest easy!

Who we are

Beluxé extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage firm offers. It envisions itself as a lifestyle company. Beluxé looks at real estate from a more creative perspective, offering a modernized service & approach to all of your real estate needs.

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We are on a mission; a very challenging mission. Yes, you got it right. We are on a mission to build a long-term relationship with you and serve you a perfect social media experience. To make a relationship last long, a strong connection is key. Knowing each other, building a consistent approach, and taking an in-depth look at the scenario together are how we make it work.

Our Vision

Beluxé’s vision is to improvise and modernize the experience of buying and selling real estate by developing a feeling of coordinated effort, innovation, and trustworthiness. Obsessive respectability and reliably amazing outcomes are the marks of our administration. We envision a luxurious experience and a heartfelt story for our clients to remember us by.
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