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Big Splash for Rawalpindi and Murree: Mini Dams Set to Bring Water, Recreation, and Growth

Residents of Rawalpindi and Murree can look forward to a brighter future with the recent approval of six mini dams and one in the newly established Murree District. The Punjab Small Dams Organization (PSDO) has greenlit this project, aiming to address water scarcity, boost agriculture, and create new recreational opportunities.

Investing in the Future:

The PSDO has allocated PKR 15 million to initiate topographic surveys for these dam sites. Construction is expected to begin in May or June 2024, with the dams strategically located across Jhelum, Chakwal, Rawalpindi, and Attock districts.

Benefits Galore:

These mini dams are envisioned to bring a multitude of benefits:

  • Addressing water scarcity: The dams will provide a reliable source of water for residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, alleviating water shortages faced in these areas.
  • Boosting agriculture: Up to 20,000 acres of land will be irrigated, potentially revitalizing agricultural activities in the region.
  • Promoting tourism and recreation: The dams, particularly the one in Murree, will be accompanied by amusement parks, creating new tourist attractions and recreational spaces for residents and visitors.

Specific Projects:

Several dams have been named in the reports, including:

  • Papin Dam: This dam is likely located in the Chak Beli Khan region of Rawalpindi.
  • Khori Dam, Ahmad Dal Dam, Sora Dam, and Khor Dam: The locations of these dams are yet to be specified.
  • Kotli Sattian Dam: This dam will be situated in the newly established Murree District, known for its picturesque mountain scenery.

A Step Towards Progress:

The construction of these mini dams marks a significant step towards sustainable development in the region. By addressing water scarcity, promoting agriculture, and fostering tourism, this project has the potential to improve the lives and livelihoods of countless individuals.

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