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What is your next Mega Move?

The real Estate Market in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is breaking new records. With the current economic situation of the country and the unstable stock market, everyone is preferring the real estate sector for safe investment. Whether you are looking for a place to buy in Islamabad or looking for a perfect investment opportunity, Beluxé Real Estate is here to guide you towards your next Mega Move.

Beluxé Real Estate:

Beluxé Real Estate as being the number one real estate company that follows the real estate framework of the Dubai Market to ensure safe and healthy investment. Beluxé Real Estate is a market leader in setting new trends, from being the most successful startup in 2022 to being the magnum opus dealer in the Chakbeli belt. They have a proper future and sustainability program through which they hand pick only a few projects which they believe are responsible for a good future. Forest Town, being Pakistan’s first Biophilic city is among the top cities that are good places to invest in.

Your Next Mega Move?

Beluxé is offering High rise apartments like Tulip Apartments that are developed by IK Dhedhi group and are Air BnB compatible. Among Housing societies, Beluxé is offering Forest Town, which is a green and clean housing society. Park View city is a great housing society developed by Vision Group. EarthLink is developing its own housing society named Mega City which can be your next Mega move. Mena Homes is an affordable and Green project in Rawat. There are lavish cottages in a resort in Murree called the Nature’s Den which is a very good investment hub. There are numerous other options but for that Beluxé invites you to our office where we can discuss the options with a cup of Tea.

Hotel Apartments:

The recent shift of terming hotel apartments as residential might prove to be worthwhile for Islamabad real estate. With vacation homes being regarded as a distinct asset class, residential apartments are gaining more attention. This shift will benefit the buyers because of the increased returns earned on holiday homes when compared to the returns offered through individual-owned apartments. Real Estate in Islamabad is witnessing a huge influx of Hotel Apartments which is why you need to visit the Beluxe Real Estate office to discuss your next mega move. 

The hottest hotel apartment in our inventory is River courtyard in Bahria Phase 7 that features Ramada hotel.