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CDA Seeks Private Partner for Kurri Enclave Housing Scheme in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is seeking a private partner to develop the Kurri Enclave Housing Scheme, a large-scale project in Islamabad.

Project Details:

  • Location: Kurri village, Islamabad
  • Size: 10,000 kanals (approximately 1,250 acres)
  • Ownership: Land owned by CDA
  • Development: Joint venture between CDA and a selected private firm/consortium

Seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs):

The CDA has invited reputable real estate companies to submit EOIs for the project’s execution. The chosen partner will be responsible for:

  • Investing in the project’s development and planning
  • Collaborating with the CDA on the scheme’s execution


The CDA has previously approved collaborating with the private sector for developing housing schemes. This approach aims to leverage expertise and resources from both public and private entities for efficient project execution.

Potential Benefits:

Partnering with a private developer could offer several advantages, including:

  • Access to expertise and resources: The chosen firm can bring specialized skills and experience to the project, potentially leading to faster and more efficient development.
  • Reduced financial burden on CDA: Private investment can help alleviate the financial burden on the CDA, allowing them to focus on other development priorities.
  • Innovation and efficiency: Collaboration can foster innovative approaches and potentially lead to a more efficient development process.

Looking Ahead:

The selection of a private partner for the Kurri Enclave Housing Scheme is expected to contribute to the expansion of Islamabad’s residential landscape. The project, upon completion, could potentially provide much-needed housing options for the city’s growing population.