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Resort Style Living is coming to Pakistan


One Homes are all-encompassing placemakers, focused on the advancement of a great way of life-driven living spaces in Pakistan. Laid out by a gathering of global real estate specialists the organization drives the market with the best expectations of worldwide prescribed procedures and a client-driven approach. They have an enthusiasm for the respectable specialty of real estate plans and improvement.

ONE Homes have procured a 100,000 square feet piece of prime land in the twin urban communities for Islamabad’s very first custom resort-style living improvement for abroad Pakistanis. The improvement which sits at the highest point of a valley and appreciates cutting-edge unhindered perspectives north of a 2500 section of land public forest is supposed to be a first of its sort in the capital.

The ONE Group has been associated with the absolute most high-profile advancements across the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Pakistan. They at present have four super projects in Pakistan with Gross Development Value surpassing $200 Million USD including Diyar Homes and the profoundly observed ONE Canal Road Lahore by Kobi Karp with insides wrapped up by VERSACE ceramics, which are being created under association.

Real Estate Market of Pakistan:

Pakistan’s real estate market has seen hearty development showing a consistent upwards pattern all through changing worldwide monetary and political environments.

Remarking on Pakistan’s economy Aqib proceeded: “Pakistan real estate market is among the world’s best performing with prime urban communities valuing up to 300% percent somewhat recently alone, really a train doesn’t have stops. It’s under stuck by a quickly developing youthful segment, among the world’s most elevated paces of urbanization and with moderateness set to detonate in the years ahead with contract finance streaming into the market, I predict comparative at any rate on the off chance that not higher development for the following ten years to come. We frequently fail to remember the offer Pakistan’s real estate market presents, it ultimately depends on 80% less expensive than practically identical local markets, there is huge space for development”.

One Homes Alliance with Ayana Holding:

ONE Homes, known for utilizing their worldwide organization to carry world-driving organizations to Pakistan, consented to an essential organization arrangement with Ayana Holdings at the gatherings head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Director Ayana Holdings, Abdullah Bin Lahej added, “Pakistan is a rich and various country with which the UAE shares memorable connections. We are respected to team up with ONE Homes on this first-of-a-sort improvement and anticipate adding to making the first-of-its-sort project for individuals of Islamabad”. The gathering’s medium-term plan is to convey projects worth 200 Billion PKR in Pakistan by 2027.

Beluxé Real Estate:

Beluxé looks at real estate from a more imaginative point of view, offering modernized help and a way to deal with all of your real estate needs. Our administrations incorporate buying, selling, leasing, and renting. At Beluxé you don’t simply represent another buyer in the market, you are a priority, and part of a highly successful team. We offer an approachable service, managing the process effectively through to a successful transfer.

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Hotel Apartment in islamabad
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How reclassification of hotel apartments is benefiting Islamabad real estate investors

The recent shift of terming hotel apartments as residential might prove to be worthwhile for Islamabad real estate. With vacation homes being regarded as a distinct asset class, residential apartments are gaining more attention. This shift will benefit the buyers because of the increased returns earned on holiday homes when compared to the returns offered through individual-owned apartments. Real Estate is Islamabad is witnessing a huge influx of Hotel Apartments which is why you need to understand these factors.

Why Hotel Apartments?

Further costs with regards to refurbishing and renovations required for holiday homes are saved when developers sell out projects with decent finishing. Statistics indicate that a whole 10-15% of the property’s purchase price is generally consumed when residential real estate assets are converted into holiday homes.

Commonly in the cases where the operational charges are spiked, the bottom lines shrink. As a result, the owner ends up putting more money for maintenance and reconstruction during the span of time when he is ideally supposed to generate additional income.


A considerable benefit of residential apartments is that it maintains a steady Return on Investment (ROI) across both peak seasons. As for the investors, they can get access to capital growth at the time when they are selling the properties off.

In this situation, the need for brokers who are thoroughly focused on coming up with solutions that benefit investors instead of convincing them to face losses in terms of fallen ROI.

Beluxé Real Estate is an aspiring yet a prestigious real estate agency with special recognition for being the top startup company of 2022.  Beluxé has maintained the title through continuously introducing new dimensions to real estate & luxury living in Pakistan. We gained our customers trust every step of the way in the field of Real Estate. We have available options for you in the field of Hotel Apartments.

Beluxe in Chak Belli
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Home Shopping | What’s A Better Financing Option.

The decision to buy a home in Islamabad/Rawalpindi and the question: should one employ their entire life savings to avoid landing in debt, or consider other forms of financing, come hand in hand.

There is no hard and fast rule as to which one is better; cash and mortgage both have their benefits and implications. Amassing money happens to be off-chance for those belonging to the low-income group as they continue to struggle with the rising costs of living. Consequently, most home shoppers in Islamabad/Rawalpindi end up borrowing money from lenders. It indeed is a long-term financial commitment yet at the same time, the only option for many to enter the market.

Unfolded below are some considerations that streamline the best financing options with reference to the unique financial situation of different home buyers in Islamabad/Rawalpindi real estate market.

Purpose of buying

Establishing the purpose of purchase is essential to move forward — buying to let, live in, or to sell in a short time. Other elements such as one’s type of employment, age and domestic circumstances also must be factored into the final decision. Each option has different determinants; for instance, pledging all of your money in an income-generating asset has no harm. Mortgage, on the other hand, is a better fit for young buyers who are investing in a property to live in, as they can get a longer mortgage tenure while maintaining liquidity.


An all-cash payment saves the buyer from accumulating debt, paying interest, extended repayment schedule, not to mention the negotiating power that comes with an upfront cash purchase.

The buyer can also save on additional costs and time involved in the paperwork that comes with a mortgaged property. Applying and qualifying for a mortgage in itself is a hefty task. Furthermore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi properties financed through cash are easy to sell.


Some of the industry experts claim that a mortgaged property may even pay for itself, if the calculations are apt.  Moreover, it is an ideal option for those looking to maintain comfortable cash flow and flexibility for investing in other assets or for wealth creation.  In Pakistan few banks including MCB are offering Home Mortgage Loans.

Key takeaways

  • Cash is precious.
  • Time snatches buying power from cash.
  • Property is a lifelong investment. It provides rent if you don’t live in it and saves rent if you do.
  • Time adds value to every property.
  • Leveraging can prove to be beneficial as it helps in using money to its maximum advantage.
  • Buying an asset and paying for it in the future using a currency which devalues is a good idea.
  • It is essential to choose the right property and the right mortgage. This may result in the property paying in for itself.

Islamabad/Rawalpindi’s real estate market is seeing a huge surge in 2021-22. It is an astounding opportunity to Buy Property in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. There are huge loads of spots that can make your life astounding. From Park View City to Tulip Apartments, the waterfront properties are the ideal objective for you. From a serene walk around the forest to a dip in a pool, we at Beluxé can help you track down the ideal spot for you.

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