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Spring Cleaning for Islamabad: CDA Launches City-Wide Hygiene Drive

Islamabad is getting a fresh start! The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched a dedicated cleanliness campaign to spruce up various commercial areas across the city.

Kicking Off the Campaign:

The initiative, spearheaded by the Sanitation Directorate, began on Wednesday with a focus on Aabpara Market. Teams have been deployed to thoroughly wash roads and footpaths, leaving the market sparkling clean.

Spreading the Cleanliness:

This pilot project at Aabpara Market serves as a blueprint for similar activities planned throughout Islamabad. Sanitation Director Mashuq Ali Sheikh has confirmed that other markets will soon be included in the campaign, ensuring a city-wide focus on hygiene.

Benefits of a Cleaner City:

A clean and well-maintained city offers numerous benefits:

  • Improved public health: Cleaner streets and markets can help reduce the spread of diseases and create a healthier environment for residents and visitors.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: A clean city is visually appealing, creating a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.
  • Boosted tourism: A clean environment can be a positive factor for attracting tourists and promoting Islamabad as a desirable destination.

Moving Forward:

The CDA’s cleanliness campaign is a commendable initiative that demonstrates its commitment to improving the quality of life in Islamabad. By prioritizing hygiene and sanitation, the CDA is working towards creating a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive city for all.

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