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New Metro Housing Society Gujar Khan vs. City Housing Kharian – Pros & Cons

The two housing societies are working parallel with both having a good reputation and a history of successful projects. It gets confusing as to which place is better for investment?

Beluxé, being the top real estate agency, has sent our team of honourable agents to the ground to study both these projects in detail so we can offer you an ultimate guide on where to invest?

One thing you need to understand is that both these societies are successful already, they will be huge so your investment in any case will not be loss. Except for any external factor getting involved.

But if you have limited resources and you are looking to invest in one of these projects. We will show you the pros and cons of both these societies.

New Metro City:


  •       World Class Infrastructure
  •       Efficient security system
  •       Commercial Sector
  •       Offering Luxury Lifestyle
  •       Gujar Khan is 2nd project in the series of New Metro Housing Society


  •       Huge plots rate perception
  •       In Dealers Trade Game Network
  •       Huge potential for loss in short term investment
  •       Slow construction process

City Housing Kharian


  •       Environment friendly Lavish lifestyle
  •       Affordable payment plan
  •       Efficient security system
  •       Kharian is 4th project in the series of City Housing
  •       Great ROI potential Cons
  •     Huge rate of the plots
  •       Not a very good location

In the light of these points, if we have to spell it out for you, we will recommend you to invest in City Housing as they are far more experienced and have more successful works to their name.

There are also rumours of City Housing coming to Rawat soon. If that is the case, Beluxé Real Estate will be offering you the details and the plots soon.  

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