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Cataclysmic events are a danger to human existence, security, and foundation. Much of the time, they are unsurprising; a few catastrophic events can shock you. In the beyond couple of years, catastrophic events like conflict, rapidly spreading fires, or climate occasions (floods, storms, and typhoons) have obliterated framework, property, and human existence.

Presently, Pakistan is confronting quite possibly the most terrible flood in its set of experiences. Very nearly 1,000 individuals have lost their lives because of floods in Pakistan while 33 million have been dislodged. 33% of the nation has been immersed by flooding, which removed houses, yields, animals, and foundation.

Most flood affected people don’t approach food, clean water, garments, cover, clinical guide, and other essential necessities. Thus, aside from going to flood security lengths, we ought to likewise help individuals around us.

If you want to help disaster victims, Beluxe Real Estate, Pakistan’s Top Real Estate Agency, has listed the most effective ways to help disaster victims.


Government of Pakistan Text Fund to 9999 (10rs)
Government of Baluchistan GOB Flood Relief & Rehabilitation fund

AC: 00513181385136 (Any Bank)

Government of Sindh Sindh Bank

AC: 0301-000210-6100

Saylani Welfare Saylani Welfare

Meezan Bank

IBAN PK71MEZN0001200105304314

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan

Meezan Bank

IBAN PK35 MEZN00 0214 0100861151

Akhuwat Akhuwat

Meezan Bank

IBAN: PK35 MEZN00 02220100172932

JDC Foundation Silk Bank

IBAN: PK71 SAUD00 51025000495524


Edhi Foundation Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation


Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation

MCB Bank

IBAN: PK72MCIB1271001064790004

Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation

Meezan Bank

IBAN: PK02MEZN0012710104410786

Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation

Meezan Bank

PK13 MEZN 0003 1601 0478 3594


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