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What is home staging?

Simply put, the process of preparing and presenting a property for sale or rent is called home staging. It is a marketing technique used to attract a larger pool of audience and sell or rent the property at a premium price.

The process involves adding decor, reorganizing furniture, and skillfully making up the property to give it a magazine-worthy look for listings and buyer visits. Home staging is a proven method of brightening up the whole space and giving it a welcoming feel. Home staging is known to fast-track the sale process.

What does home staging entail?

The process of home staging involves:

  • Clean the place thoroughly.
  • Rearranging furniture to create an illusion of more space.
  • Utilize home decor such as throw pillows, candles, vases, serving ware, etc. to give a cozy feel to the space.
  • Reduce the clutter or overall number of items in each room to create an illusion of space
  • Use a diffuser or incense to make the space smell nice.

You can even hire a professional home stager, however, most real estate agents suggest using the sellers existing furniture and decor to minimize the cost

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