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What is your next Mega Move?

What is your next Mega Move?

The real Estate Market in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is breaking new records. With the current economic situation of the country and the unstable stock market, everyone is preferring the real estate sector for safe investment. Whether you are looking for a place to buy in Islamabad or looking for a perfect investment opportunity, Beluxé Real Estate is here to guide you towards your next Mega Move.

Beluxé Real Estate:

Beluxé Real Estate as being the number one real estate company that follows the real estate framework of the Dubai Market to ensure safe and healthy investment. Beluxé Real Estate is a market leader in setting new trends, from being the most successful startup in 2022 to being the magnum opus dealer in the Chakbeli belt. They have a proper future and sustainability program through which they hand pick only a few projects which they believe are responsible for a good future. Forest Town, being Pakistan’s first Biophilic city is among the top cities that are good places to invest in.

Your Next Mega Move?

Beluxé is offering High rise apartments like Tulip Apartments that are developed by IK Dhedhi group and are Air BnB compatible. Among Housing societies, Beluxé is offering Forest Town, which is a green and clean housing society. Park View city is a great housing society developed by Vision Group. EarthLink is developing its own housing society named Mega City which can be your next Mega move. Mena Homes is an affordable and Green project in Rawat. There are lavish cottages in a resort in Murree called the Nature’s Den which is a very good investment hub. There are numerous other options but for that Beluxé invites you to our office where we can discuss the options with a cup of Tea.

Hotel Apartments:

The recent shift of terming hotel apartments as residential might prove to be worthwhile for Islamabad real estate. With vacation homes being regarded as a distinct asset class, residential apartments are gaining more attention. This shift will benefit the buyers because of the increased returns earned on holiday homes when compared to the returns offered through individual-owned apartments. Real Estate in Islamabad is witnessing a huge influx of Hotel Apartments which is why you need to visit the Beluxe Real Estate office to discuss your next mega move. 

The hottest hotel apartment in our inventory is River courtyard in Bahria Phase 7 that features Ramada hotel.

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Tab City a Fraud?

Tab City a Fraud?

Beluxé real estate presents Tab City on the main G-T Road, Rawat, Rawalpindi. The interesting thing about this society is that one of the owners of this housing society is the son of a cleric, Tariq Jameel, Yousuf Jameel. The CEO of this society is Col (R.) Taimoor Sultan who is having several awards to his name. This all set the ground for Tab City to be the next mega project in twin cities. Molana Tariq Jameel is currently running his clothing brand MTJ which despite being expensive is having a decent reputation in the market.     

However, Molana Tariq Jameel has categorically denied his share or his son’s share in this society. Molana Tariq Jameel while commenting on this society explained that he or his son has no link with the society. 

If that is the case, Team Beluxe requests you to be cautious while investing in this project.

Tab City:

Tab City Rawalpindi is your next luxury living convenience in the twin city (Rawalpindi, Islamabad). Tab builders are known to satisfy their commitment and convey effective activities. Delightful environmental factors matched with current conveniences add esteem to this brilliant society as well as to its environmental factors too. It is situated on the fundamental GT street in Rawalpindi.

Aside from the lavish area, the speculation of potential open doors in the public eye is perpetual because of various commercial and residential open doors and financially savvy rates. An ideal spot for people who needs to live and bring a family up in a perfect and clean climate alongside the best offices.

Tab Builders

Tab Builders is a real estate organization that arrangements with residential and commercial ventures. TAB Builders was established in mid-2020 and it is quickly developing collectively as a business, the justification for fast development is the straightforwardness and advantages that we give to our clients. As in a serious market, it is our guiding principle to be generally gainful to our clients. That is the reason we utilize global standard approaches like Month to month rentals, no buyback strategy, and so forth to give the best insight to our clients. We flourish to serve our clients and the trust that our clients show to us is assisting us with growing our task portfolio over time.

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Beluxé Interior Design 101 | Bohemian Style

Beluxé extends far beyond what a conventional brokerage firm offers. It envisions itself as a lifestyle company. We have a passion for the noble art of real estate design and development. We understand in its true essence real estate development is the process of improving standards of living and with our place-making philosophy, we capitalize on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being.

Beluxé as being the top real estate agency in Pakistan it is our duty to guide you to a perfect and modern interior design. Among the top interior design ideas is the Bohemian Style.

Bohemian or Boheme style, otherwise called “boho” for short, is one of the most well-known outfitting patterns in recent memory. No big surprise, since it exemplifies a magnificently blemished style of living that, for all its singularity, is generally agreeable and comfortable.

Beginning and evolvement of the boho interior style

The expression “bohemian” started in nineteenth-century France as a countercurrent to the stark lifestyle of the moderate bourgeoisie by mentally imaginative periphery gatherings. The youthful bohemians tracked down the common standards of their parental homes as prohibitive and smothering and yearned for an eccentric existence with all artistic liberty and the chance for self-improvement.

They drew motivation from the lifestyle of the Bohemian Roma, who wandered the nation uninhibitedly and unbound in their colorful trucks. The expression “bohemian” should in this setting be perceived as signifying “unusual”, while simultaneously alluding to Bohemia.

What portrays the boho interior style?

The bohemian look takes special care of the opportunity adoring soul of craftsmen, scholars, and thinkers. In this manner, there are no standards laying out a uniform norm. The emphasis is on uniqueness, so you can do anything that you like.

Appropriately, boho seems to be unpredictable and easygoing. The flower child development of the 60s and 70s epitomizes this pattern impeccably. A boho-style home mirrors the character and encounters of its proprietor. Notwithstanding the decorations, trinkets from movements and other dearest keepsakes additionally track down their legitimate spot in the boho interior. What exactly makes it so particular?

Boho look essentials

In spite of the fact that there are no principles, there is a consistent idea for outfitting your four walls in Bohemian style regardless of all the capriciousness. Normal materials, for example, wood, plug, or rattan set the vibe, and regular color palettes are for the most part utilized.

The exceptional pizazz of the boho style is accomplished by an amicable blend of particular things of furniture, every one of which has its own appeal and allure. This can be recycled furniture, swap meet finds from different periods, or a glorious classical like a red velvet Gründerzeit couch.

Boho enthusiasts are allowed to repair their furnishings and paint it in their preferred colors to give them an extremely private touch. A colorful, multi-epochal blend that amicably mixes into one major entire – this relates most near the Bohemian energy.

These colors, examples, and textiles will consummate your bohemian look

The hearty, regular base colors are joined with differentiating colors like burgundy, violet and turquoise, and, surprisingly, radiant yellow. The color blend is intended to live and unwind. Dull, miserable subtleties are stayed away from.

Boho likes designing textiles. Oriental or ethnic examples are similarly pretty much as well known as the exemplary interwoven plaid or embroidery with a batik design. Blossom power doesn’t just stretch out to the affection for plants, the bohemian look is additionally reflected in home textiles with flower prints or weaving. Boho without edges and tufts? At any rate, they are exceptionally well known, similar to a wide range of comfortable covers, pads, and delicate carpets. A Bohemian-style dream home is the epitome of a non-conformist. Continuously individual and comfortable with a dash of marvelousness and the perfect proportion of living solace.

Real Estate in Chak Belli
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Land & Plots for sale in Chakbeli Road – Area Guide


Chakbeli is a link road that connects significant arteries of the twin-cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, Chakbeli Road Rawalpindi is the primary way to reach Rawat. Located near Rawat and off G.T. Road, properties near Chakbeli Road, Rawalpindi, offer great value to buyers and investors. The road also connects Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, near Dehri Village. Beluxé Real Estate takes pride in being the master dealer of Chakbeli Road. As being the top successful startup of 2022, Beluxé offers transparent views that helps our clients invest in the right place at the right time.

Why Chakbeli?

Beluxé Real Estate Marketing is the top Real Estate Agency of Chakbeli Road. Chakbeli Road is land of Gold, a strategic location that will become the hub of city in near future. As we know Islamabad/Rawalpindi has spread a long way. From New Airport to Chakri Interchange & to Thalian Interchange to Taxila with a plethora of top housing societies adding value to these places. What makes Chakbeli different is its strategic location, unlike other location, this place is closest to the heart of city. In few years, with the addition of Ring Road this road will become the main artery. Investors are keen on buying property here due to the presence of well-developed housing societies. Owing to its strategic location, Chakbeli Road also serves as a major trade route between Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Forest Town as Crown Jewel of Chakbeli Road

If you are looking for the Best Real Estate Properties for Buy, Sell, Rent and invest in Pakistan. Beluxé present you Forest Town. It is a strategic project with top planners involved in the process. Forest Town aims to build a city within the city. From Landmarks to tourist spots and from top notch facilities to world class amenities Forest Town aims to become the crown jewel of Chakbeli road. Forest Town brings a new commercial and lifestyle hub to the city, offering retail, cultural and residential spaces. Located just 10 minutes from Giga Mall, this spectacular destination is set to redefine the future of living in the Rawalpindi. In short span, Forest Town will redefine this location and make it among city’s top attraction. An iconic place that will be the definition of Chakbeli Road. In short Forest Town by Milestone Developers is ranked as Top and Best Real Estate Projects of Pakistan in 2022.

Housing Societies:

There are several upscale housing schemes located nearby, including Police Foundation Housing Society, Pakistan Atomic Employees Cooperative (PAEC) Housing Society. However the Top 5 Real Estate Investment Opportunities on Chakbeli road are Hobbiton, DHA Phase II, Forest Town, Turkish Smart City and Nishaan Housing Society.

Main Bus Stops:

Several bus stops are lining the Chakbeli Road namely Rawal Chakbeli Road Bus Stop, which is also known as Chakbeli Mor. Other bus stands on Chakbeli Road are Harraka Bus Stop near Village & Post Office Harraka, and Piyal Stop Bus Stop. Moreover, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metrobus Service Station is about half an hour drive away from this area.


Numerous mosques are located in different localities on Chakbeli Road, Rawalpindi. Some of them are Masjid Dhoke Baba Rasheed and Jamia Mosque Gulzare Medina in Bagga Shaikhan; and Masjid Maqsood Tall and Masjid Hanifaa Chota Mera near Chakbeli Road.