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Impact of Bharakahu Pass on Islamabad Real Estate:

Bharakahu bypass is a major infrastructure project in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is expected to have a significant impact on the city’s real estate market. In this blog, we will explore how the Bharakahu bypass will help the real estate market in Islamabad.

The Bharakahu bypass is a 7.6-kilometer-long four-lane expressway that will connect the city’s southern areas to the northern areas, bypassing the congested and narrow streets of Bharakahu. It will run from Sangjani to the Murree Expressway, passing through Bharakahu and Bhara Kahu. The project is being built to ease the traffic flow in the area and provide a better and faster alternative route to the Murree Expressway.

One of the biggest advantages of the Bharakahu bypass is that it will significantly reduce the travel time for commuters. With the bypass, people traveling from the southern areas of Islamabad, such as Rawalpindi, Chaklala, and Bahria Town, will have a faster and more convenient route to the northern areas of the city, such as F-10, F-11, and G-11. This will make the southern areas of Islamabad more accessible and attractive to investors, thus increasing the demand for real estate in these areas.

Another benefit of the Bharakahu bypass is that it will open up new areas for real estate development. The areas surrounding the bypass, such as D-17, D-18, and Bahria Enclave, will become more accessible and attractive to investors and developers. This will lead to an increase in real estate development in these areas, as more people will be interested in investing in them.

The project is also expected to have a positive impact on property prices in the areas surrounding the bypass. As demand for real estate in these areas increases, property prices are likely to rise. This is good news for property owners in the area, as they are likely to see an increase in the value of their properties.

The Bharakahu bypass project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. The project is being carried out by the National Highway Authority (NHA), with a total cost of PKR 7.5 billion. Once completed, the bypass is expected to bring significant benefits to the real estate market in Islamabad.

In conclusion, the Bharakahu bypass is a much-needed infrastructure project that will greatly benefit the real estate market in Islamabad. It will provide a faster and more convenient route for commuters, open up new areas for real estate development, and increase property prices in the surrounding areas. It is a project that investors and developers in Islamabad should keep a close eye on, as it has the potential to bring significant returns in the future.

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Why Emaar failed in Islamabad?

Emaar is a multinational real estate development company that has operations in several countries, including Pakistan. In Pakistan, Emaar had launched two major projects, the Crescent Bay in Karachi and the Canyon Views in Islamabad. While the Crescent Bay project was a success, the Canyon Views project failed to meet the expectations of investors, which resulted in a loss of confidence in the company.

There were several reasons why Emaar failed in Islamabad:

Delayed Project Delivery:

The Canyon Views project was launched in 2005 and was supposed to be completed by 2009. However, due to various reasons, including litigation issues and lack of funds, the project was delayed for several years. This resulted in a loss of trust among investors, who had invested their money with the expectation of timely delivery.

Quality Issues:

There were reports of quality issues with the construction of the Canyon Views project. This included problems with the structural integrity of the buildings, as well as issues with the finishing and fittings.


There were allegations of mismanagement and financial irregularities on the part of the Emaar management in Pakistan. This resulted in a loss of trust and confidence among investors, who started to withdraw their investments.

Lack of Transparency:

There were reports of a lack of transparency in the operations of Emaar in Pakistan. This included issues with the allocation of plots, delays in the issuance of possession letters, and lack of clarity on the status of the project.

Political Instability:

The political instability in Pakistan, especially during the period of 2007-2009, also had a negative impact on the real estate sector. This resulted in a slowdown in the demand for real estate, which further compounded the problems faced by Emaar.

In conclusion, Emaar failed in Islamabad due to a combination of factors, including delayed project delivery, quality issues, mismanagement, lack of transparency, and political instability. These factors resulted in a loss of trust and confidence among investors, which ultimately led to the failure of the project.

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Hot Projects for Investors in Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, is a rapidly growing metropolis and an important hub for business, politics, and tourism. In recent years, there has been a surge in the development of hotels and resorts in Islamabad, catering to both business and leisure travelers. In this blog, we will highlight some of the upcoming hotels and resorts in Islamabad.

The Marriott Hotel:

The Marriott hotel in Islamabad is undergoing a massive renovation and expansion. The hotel will have more than 400 rooms and suites, making it one of the largest hotels in the city. The hotel will feature multiple restaurants, meeting rooms, and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Hyatt Regency:

The Hyatt Regency in Islamabad is expected to open in 2025. The hotel will feature 400 rooms and suites, multiple restaurants, meeting rooms, a spa, and an outdoor pool. The hotel will be located in the Diplomatic Enclave, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Islamabad.

Hilton Garden Inn:

The Hilton Garden Inn in Islamabad is expected to open in 2022. The hotel will feature 150 rooms and suites, a restaurant, meeting rooms, and a fitness center. The hotel will be located in the Bahria Town neighborhood, which is rapidly developing into a major commercial and residential hub.

Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel:

The Zaver Pearl Continental hotel is currently under construction in the Blue Area neighborhood of Islamabad. The hotel will feature 300 rooms and suites, multiple restaurants, a spa, and meeting rooms. The hotel is expected to open in 2022.

Serena Hotel:

The Serena Hotel in Islamabad is one of the city’s most iconic hotels. The hotel is undergoing a major renovation and expansion, which will add more rooms, suites, and amenities. The hotel is known for its luxurious accommodations, excellent service, and beautiful surroundings.

Movenpick Hotel:

The Movenpick hotel in Islamabad is expected to open in 2023. The hotel will feature 150 rooms and suites, multiple restaurants, meeting rooms, and a fitness center. The hotel will be located in the Bahria Town neighborhood.

In conclusion, the hospitality industry in Islamabad is growing rapidly, with many new hotels and resorts opening in the near future. These hotels and resorts are not only adding to the city’s charm and beauty but also providing much-needed accommodations and services to the growing number of visitors to the city.

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Bahria Business District: The New Blue Area

The Bahria Business District in Islamabad has been gaining significant traction as a prime location for commercial and business activities in the city. Among its many attractions is the upcoming development of the “New Blue Area,” which has become a hot topic among investors and businesses looking to expand their operations.

The “Blue Area” is a well-known commercial and business hub located in the heart of Islamabad, and is home to numerous government offices, banks, and other businesses. The new development in the Bahria Business District aims to replicate the success of the Blue Area by creating a modern, state-of-the-art commercial and business hub.

The New Blue Area is a high-rise development that will offer a mix of commercial and residential units, including office spaces, retail outlets, and luxury apartments. The development will be equipped with modern amenities and facilities, including high-speed internet, 24/7 security, and a state-of-the-art HVAC system to provide a comfortable and safe working environment.

The project is being developed by Bahria Town, one of Pakistan’s leading real estate developers, known for its innovative and high-quality developments. The company is known for its focus on modern design, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, which makes the New Blue Area a highly anticipated development in Islamabad.

Investing in the New Blue Area offers several advantages for businesses and investors, including its prime location, modern facilities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The development is well-connected to major transportation networks and is located near major residential areas, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to expand their operations.

In addition, the New Blue Area offers a highly attractive investment opportunity, as the demand for commercial and business spaces in Islamabad continues to grow. According to recent statistics, the demand for commercial and business spaces in Islamabad is expected to grow by over 25% in the next few years, making the New Blue Area an ideal investment opportunity for businesses and investors.

In conclusion, the development of the New Blue Area in the Bahria Business District is a highly anticipated project that is expected to have a significant impact on Islamabad’s real estate market. The development offers modern facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a prime location, making it an ideal investment opportunity for businesses and investors looking to expand their operations in the city.


Starlink is now in Pakistan

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation developed by SpaceX, with the aim of providing high-speed, low-latency internet access to users around the world. The system uses a network of thousands of small satellites in low Earth orbit, allowing users in remote or underserved areas to access the internet with speeds comparable to those in urban areas.

In Pakistan, where the majority of the population lives in rural areas or small towns, internet access is still limited and slow, with many areas lacking access to broadband or even reliable mobile data networks. This is where Starlink could potentially play a major role in transforming the country’s digital landscape.

Starlink has already started offering its services in a number of countries, and has received approval from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to operate in Pakistan. The service is expected to be available in the country soon, with pre-orders already being accepted.

Once fully operational, Starlink could have a significant impact on a number of areas in Pakistan. For example, it could help bridge the digital divide, by providing high-speed internet access to people in remote or underserved areas. This could open up new opportunities for education, healthcare, and e-commerce, among other things.

Starlink could also be beneficial for businesses in the country, especially those in the tech sector, which require high-speed internet access to operate efficiently. The availability of a fast and reliable internet connection could attract more foreign investment to the country, and help local businesses compete on a global scale.

In addition, Starlink could play a role in disaster management, as it provides a resilient and reliable communication network that could be used in emergency situations.

Overall, Starlink’s entry into the Pakistani market could be a game-changer for the country, providing high-speed internet access to people who previously had limited or no access, and opening up new opportunities for economic growth and development.

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The Rising Empire of Gujar Khan

Investment Guide

Islamabad & Rawalpindi are the most premium locations in Islamabad to invest in; however most of the land available in these cities is already part of some housing society. New projects are coming that are way far from the main city, whether it be Chakri, Thalian, New Airport or near Taxila.

It was the best time to pick a new location to build premium housing societies. The smart developers picked Gujar Khan to be the next location for housing societies.  The city is home to previous prime minister and current speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. The city has a lot to offer. This is why we call it a great move by developers to pick this city. This city will become a haven for investors in a short time. The top three projects in this city are:

  1. New Metro City
  2. Prism Town
  3. Mega City

New Metro City:

After getting huge success in New Metro City Kharian, BSM Developer is going to build a new project named “New Metro City Gujar khan”. The project provides all the modern facilities and amenities at budget-friendly rates. The developers have reserved a large area for the development of areas such as parks. The society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof system to provide a high safety level.


Bilal Bashir Malik is the owner and CEO of New Metro City Gujar khan. He is close relative of Malik Riaz. The project is developed by BSM Developers that has many years of experience in the real estate sector.

NOC Status:

LOP Approved By Rawalpindi Development Authority For New Metro City Gujar khan/Rawalpindi:

LOP Approval No: RDA | F-PHS-GRK-06/738

Society Overview:

The project comprises over 16,000 Kanal of land. The project plan of the New Metro City Housing Scheme Gujar khan was designed by a team of experts, including architects and civil engineers.

New Metro City Housing Scheme is offering a range of residential plots as follows:

  •       3 Marla
  •       5 Marla
  •       7 Marla
  •       10 Marla
  •       1 Kanal


Prism Town:

Prism Town is a luxurious residential society that provides its residents with the best amenities for living a serene and comfortable life.


Mr. Masood ul Hassan is the owner & CEO of Prism Town Gujjar Khan. The project is developed by Prism Developer & Builders. The developer has been serving in Real Estate Business for the last 15 years mostly in Bahria Town Pvt Ltd & DHA. Prism Arcade 1 & 2 are their famous buildings in Bahria Town that boast an average look and quality.

NOC Status:

The project is approved by PUNJAB HOUSING AND TOWN PLANNING AGENCY (PHATA) and provides both residential and commercial plots for development.

PHATA Memo Number = 1662 Dated 14 Sep 2022


Prism Town is offering a range of residential plots as follows:

  •       5 Marla
  •       10 Marla
  •       1 Kanal

Prism Town is offering commercial plots as follows:

  •       2 Marla
  •       4 Marla

Mega City

Mega City Gujar Khan is another under construction housing venture in Gujar Khan City. This venture is under huge demand for real estate investor of Gujar Khan after New Metro City Gujar Khan. Thought, the owners have not released anything about the project, but the construction site of this project shows that it is going to be a huge real estate venture.


The official owners of this housing project are Grande and Earthlink. Both of these developers are famous for their world class infrastructure and efficient performance. Some of the famous projects by the developers are V8 Mall Islamabad, and the Grande Marina. The owners enjoy excellent reputation among the real estate specialists.

NOC Status:

Mega City hasn’t opened their sales yet and are still teasing about their society. As per the latest update, the owners of Mega City are talking to the district level entities for its NOC approval. After the NOC approval, the plots prices may increase with the increase in demand.


  •       An Ecofriendly venture
  •       Efficient system of security
  •       World class architecture
  •       CCTV Cameras
  •       Feasible site


  •       Huge plot rate perception
  •       Without NOC Approval
  •       Slow Construction
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Singapore coming in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is a rising interest for upscale homes and secure areas. Gated people society with full-administration conveniences and resort regions are turning out to be increasingly more popular with Pakistanis living both inside and beyond Pakistan, attracting manufacturers and developers to build such offices.

Motorway City Sialkot is a new, forthcoming, and present day lodging society sending off under the standard of Pakistan’s top developers. Found in a perfect world on Lahore – Sialkot Motorway, it’s TMA approved project with 100 percent clear and gain land. This lovely society is arranged inventively to give an elevated expectation of living, the solaces of the furthest down the line world to the dearest individuals of Sialkot.


What does Singapore have to do with it?

The developer of this Undertaking is a Singapore Organisation. To design and make Sialkot’s famous private local area, which would change the way of life in Sialkot as well as all through Pakistan, Sialkot Motorway City collaborated with Surbana Jurong. With this collusion, Sialkot Motorway City will be at the highest point of the ferocious housing market, where purchasers and financial backers anxiously expect to help developers and manufacturers in understanding their optimal ways of life.

Urban development, framework, and oversaw administrations counselling Surbana Jurong Group has more than 70 years of effective venture insight. Surbana Jurong has developed all-inclusive strategies in excess of 60 extra countries, more than 100 modern parks across the globe, and north of 1 million houses in Singapore. They are liable for the preparation, development, and advancement of a flourishing modern scene. The point of Surbana Jurong is to give SMC an unmistakable character that is in line with the major urban communities of the globe. The existence of people is affected when SMC configuration is reflected in actual development.

Surbana Jurong intends to situate Sialkot Motorway City among world’s top urban communities

Salient Features

  •       A Well-Planned Project by Known Developers
  •       100% TMA Approved
  •       The land is Already Acquired
  •       Located ideally with 0 KM Distance from Lahore – Sialkot Motorway
  •       120 Feet Wide Front on Lahore – Wazirabad Motorway
  •       Phase 1 of Motorway City Sialkot is Launching in a Couple of Weeks
  •       A Wide Range of Residential Plots Sizes Available
  •       Booking on Pre-Launch Prices
  •       Easy Payment Plan of 3 Years
  •       Possession within 6 Months of Booking
  •       Exclusively Marketed by Property Naama Group, Pakistan’s most reputable Property Group
  •       Development Work Started
  •       Provision of All Latest-Day Facilities.
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New Metro City vs. City Housing

New Metro Housing Society Gujar Khan vs. City Housing Kharian – Pros & Cons

The two housing societies are working parallel with both having a good reputation and a history of successful projects. It gets confusing as to which place is better for investment?

Beluxé, being the top real estate agency, has sent our team of honourable agents to the ground to study both these projects in detail so we can offer you an ultimate guide on where to invest?

One thing you need to understand is that both these societies are successful already, they will be huge so your investment in any case will not be loss. Except for any external factor getting involved.

But if you have limited resources and you are looking to invest in one of these projects. We will show you the pros and cons of both these societies.

New Metro City:


  •       World Class Infrastructure
  •       Efficient security system
  •       Commercial Sector
  •       Offering Luxury Lifestyle
  •       Gujar Khan is 2nd project in the series of New Metro Housing Society


  •       Huge plots rate perception
  •       In Dealers Trade Game Network
  •       Huge potential for loss in short term investment
  •       Slow construction process

City Housing Kharian


  •       Environment friendly Lavish lifestyle
  •       Affordable payment plan
  •       Efficient security system
  •       Kharian is 4th project in the series of City Housing
  •       Great ROI potential Cons
  •     Huge rate of the plots
  •       Not a very good location

In the light of these points, if we have to spell it out for you, we will recommend you to invest in City Housing as they are far more experienced and have more successful works to their name.

There are also rumours of City Housing coming to Rawat soon. If that is the case, Beluxé Real Estate will be offering you the details and the plots soon.  

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How to Help During Natural Disaster in Pakistan

Cataclysmic events are a danger to human existence, security, and foundation. Much of the time, they are unsurprising; a few catastrophic events can shock you. In the beyond couple of years, catastrophic events like conflict, rapidly spreading fires, or climate occasions (floods, storms, and typhoons) have obliterated framework, property, and human existence.

Presently, Pakistan is confronting quite possibly the most terrible flood in its set of experiences. Very nearly 1,000 individuals have lost their lives because of floods in Pakistan while 33 million have been dislodged. 33% of the nation has been immersed by flooding, which removed houses, yields, animals, and foundation.

Most flood affected people don’t approach food, clean water, garments, cover, clinical guide, and other essential necessities. Thus, aside from going to flood security lengths, we ought to likewise help individuals around us.

If you want to help disaster victims, Beluxe Real Estate, Pakistan’s Top Real Estate Agency, has listed the most effective ways to help disaster victims.


Government of Pakistan Text Fund to 9999 (10rs)
Government of Baluchistan GOB Flood Relief & Rehabilitation fund

AC: 00513181385136 (Any Bank)

Government of Sindh Sindh Bank

AC: 0301-000210-6100

Saylani Welfare Saylani Welfare

Meezan Bank

IBAN PK71MEZN0001200105304314

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan

Meezan Bank

IBAN PK35 MEZN00 0214 0100861151

Akhuwat Akhuwat

Meezan Bank

IBAN: PK35 MEZN00 02220100172932

JDC Foundation Silk Bank

IBAN: PK71 SAUD00 51025000495524


Edhi Foundation Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation


Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation

MCB Bank

IBAN: PK72MCIB1271001064790004

Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation

Meezan Bank

IBAN: PK02MEZN0012710104410786

Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation

Meezan Bank

PK13 MEZN 0003 1601 0478 3594

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What is your next Mega Move?

What is your next Mega Move?

The real Estate Market in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is breaking new records. With the current economic situation of the country and the unstable stock market, everyone is preferring the real estate sector for safe investment. Whether you are looking for a place to buy in Islamabad or looking for a perfect investment opportunity, Beluxé Real Estate is here to guide you towards your next Mega Move.

Beluxé Real Estate:

Beluxé Real Estate as being the number one real estate company that follows the real estate framework of the Dubai Market to ensure safe and healthy investment. Beluxé Real Estate is a market leader in setting new trends, from being the most successful startup in 2022 to being the magnum opus dealer in the Chakbeli belt. They have a proper future and sustainability program through which they hand pick only a few projects which they believe are responsible for a good future. Forest Town, being Pakistan’s first Biophilic city is among the top cities that are good places to invest in.

Your Next Mega Move?

Beluxé is offering High rise apartments like Tulip Apartments that are developed by IK Dhedhi group and are Air BnB compatible. Among Housing societies, Beluxé is offering Forest Town, which is a green and clean housing society. Park View city is a great housing society developed by Vision Group. EarthLink is developing its own housing society named Mega City which can be your next Mega move. Mena Homes is an affordable and Green project in Rawat. There are lavish cottages in a resort in Murree called the Nature’s Den which is a very good investment hub. There are numerous other options but for that Beluxé invites you to our office where we can discuss the options with a cup of Tea.

Hotel Apartments:

The recent shift of terming hotel apartments as residential might prove to be worthwhile for Islamabad real estate. With vacation homes being regarded as a distinct asset class, residential apartments are gaining more attention. This shift will benefit the buyers because of the increased returns earned on holiday homes when compared to the returns offered through individual-owned apartments. Real Estate in Islamabad is witnessing a huge influx of Hotel Apartments which is why you need to visit the Beluxe Real Estate office to discuss your next mega move. 

The hottest hotel apartment in our inventory is River courtyard in Bahria Phase 7 that features Ramada hotel.